Sunday, 20 January 2013

Classic Vintage Style

I'ts been a long while since my last post and a lot has happened .. time is a ticking and things are a changing ... But classic things will never be out of style or fashion.

I'm very much a girl who LOVES vintage style. The classic pieces that will never got out of fashion.
I so so loved this spread in last OCT issue of Harpars Bizzre China. Perfect replication of elegant times past. Yin Chao was the photographer and Wang Hao the stylist.

Although practically it's not achievable ... sadly.
I wish I could push a pram chase after a toddler looking ever so classically dressed and lady like.
Even on 'work' days these outfits are really not practical where I work ....
I could not swan into a patient's hospital room in glamorous gear let alone survive a day in heels ..

But a girl can dream..

Love the Cat eye make up ...

Oh that full skirt .. the perfect length with the most elegant of heels!

I do not condone smoking .... but the dashes of red are perfect.

I'm lucky to have a Chanel store ever so close to my home, its just a make up outlet but I enjoy glancing in as I hurry past daily .....

The beautiful snow globes they had as part of the christmas display back in 2012 ... I wonder where they go after the season is over ....
Hope to catch you all soon

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Grand Opening of Laduree Sydney 11th Sept 2012

Everyone who knows me knows of my Macaron obsession. My pursuit of the perfect macaron ever since my first taste of the Laduree macaron 7 years ago on a visit to Paris.
Sydney has had macarons but never any that could compare and I was not let down upon my first taste last tuesday 11/9/12. 

My obsession has lead to my literally resulted in me "stalking" the site and tracking its progress weekly. (Acutally twice weekly ;) - sad but true).
So I'm going to share with you the "Birth" of Laduree Sydney.

11th August - The site ? Level 3 Westfield Sydney. 
Hubby and I were guessing the possible "spots" circling level 3.

11th August the "Kitchen" site.

14th August signage goes up - I'm overjoyed the "rumors" are true and the site is confirmed!

I wont' bore you but here is a mash of images over the next couple of weeks.

30th of August - the Laduree sign goes up !! Its hand painted and absolutely fabulous. 
That Laduree green its like the "Tiffany blue" of the macaron / French pastry world - perfect branding.

There was not much to take of the Kitchenette area - just to say the day before opening (10th Sept) they were still frantically putting up the doors etc.

Hubby was taking me on a shopping escapade on the monday for my birthday. And the best part was finding out they were opening. There was action on all fronts. We managed to extract from the somewhat stressed I assume managers (very French) that they were opening the next day. In fact they were face to face conducting interviews only on the monday for staff!? 

The opening day 11th Sept 2012 - The man on the phone must have been one of the head patisserie managers. He was conducting the interviews. The man who ran all things on opening day.

My hubby and I invested ALOT of time there on the opening day to ensure we were one of the FIRST customers. This paid off as we were the FIRST TO BE SEATED at LADUREE SYDNEY!  We were well entertained for the hours we spent hovering. Watching how everyone was abuzz with excitement and nerves. A lot interest was gathering and people were hovering.        


Oh the wonderful little morsels them selves - Oh so wonderful!! 

A snapshot of the other products, chocolates, sweets, there are also jams, bags, teas, perfumes, books the list goes on and the bank balance can shrink dramatically!

A note the opening day saw all who purchased macaroon go home with the "collectors edition" boxes for all macarons of any amount. I realize now that you have to pay up to from $5.00 AUD for the collectors box if you do not purchase over a set number (I think is 8-10 macaoons).

I love the tea settings too the pink is perfect ! The bottom of my tea up still had the sticky label mark on it! Ha so so "fresh". I will return and try and get some better snaps with my SLR. All shots were done on my iphone which was running low on batteries from all my "snapping". 
Well I will stop my rambling now and end with the image below.

Flirty gorgeous and girly girls and boys must go.
Enjoy XO

Friday, 14 September 2012

A baptism, A birthday and Laduree launch

Well it certainly has been a wonderful week for me. Lots of activity going on in work and home.
Baptism a birthday and finally the long awaited opening of Laduree!

My little toddler was finally was baptised. She was gorgeous, she was in what she called her "big white dress" and it was her "big day". Well behaved she managed to hold her self quite well during the whole ceremony, I was a most impressed!

I had conferences to attend on the friday and saturday with a hectic mad work schedule I had to outsource a lot of the catering for the baptism on the sunday. Thank goodness of my super helpful parents, sister and her BF and my hubby we managed to still pull of some kind of a dessert table for the baptism celebration.

Simmone Lougue sweet tarts

Handmade marshmallow and chocolate cup mushrooms made by Moi!

Mak Mak Mini Macaroons - no Laduree as yet!

Berry baskets

Earlier in the week my birthday was fabulous we celebrated in style with Mum & dad baby sitting we hit the town shopping and found out Laduree was opening! My husband cheekily tells me it was all arranged by him ;). Luckily he had the launch day (Tues 11th Sept) off as well so we could hover for the opening. 

We were told they were to open at 9.30am so I dragged toddler and hubby out of bed to arrive at 9am that morning. They were not ready quoting 12pm so then we came back at 11.30am .. informed opening delayed till 1pm. We went back at 12.30 delayed to 2.30pm due to IT glitch. Crowds were gathering and we just hung around anxiously hoping to be one of the first to be served!

Finally the launch opening at around 2pm !! I was in heaven hubby and I were the FIRST ones to be seated in the cafe of Laduree Sydney !!

I will blog my Laduree opening day experience in more detail soon. I'm still on laduree clould 9!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Laduree Sydney Opening

We went to visit the Laduree shop front yesterday as part of my toddler free birthday shopping escapade.

I was so overjoyed to see a frenzy of activity from IT guys doing test runs & managers doing staff interviews to last minute touches being done to the kitchen area!

For my birthday my fabulous hubby has spoilt me with a pair of shoes & tells me he arranged the almost perfect timing of the opening ;)

Well I'll be the in just a few hours for the opening, but my little daughter might just be a little late for her ballet class :) It's been over 7 years since my first taste of Laduree and the start my Macaron obsession.

Laduree Sydney opening 11/9/12 at 9.30 am level 3 Westfield Sydney.

I will post updates on the opening soon. Until then ... XO

Monday, 20 August 2012


Hello all sorry its been a while.
Life has been busy and the lil one is as naughty as ever. Taking 3 hrs to fall asleep!

Finding it inspiration and time to blog has been difficult.
But here is one and and update on Laduree Sydney!

I was looking at a few of my photos from a Perth trip few years back. We visited the Busselton warf beautiful spot .. actually Perth is a beautiful city great for photography.

Another great shot by Chris Schufert on Flikr taken in Chatham USA.

I've been obsessed by stripes and polka dots. I dress myself & my daughter (not matching outfits) in polka dots or stripes most days and my sister tells me I my daughter will grow up to hate polka dots and stripes.

Nice shot below from Klara's Closet quite a fab Blog actually check it out. I'd love to check out her wardrobe!

The nautical look has been popular for a few years now or perhaps it never is out of fashion. Here below of an outfit (image from Inspired-design on Tumblr ) I'd love to have all those items of clothing in my wardrobe. I'd pair this outfit with a cute pair of polka dot heels from BHLDN.

Time for an update on Laduree Westfield Sydney! I've stalked the mall and guestimated the spot on level 3 weekly and now signage is UP!! It is most exciting, I can see the cabinets going in they will soon be filled with fabulous french treats OMG I cannot wait!

Will be heading there for an update tomorrow .. update you soon xoxo

Monday, 23 July 2012

Macaron ~ Luxembourger ~ makaron ~

This post is dedicated to my 2nd love .. My first love being my hubby of course ;)

               Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

We met in Paris and I fell immediately after just the our first encounter ... and I'm sure every flirty gorgeous and girly girl would agree the Macaron is indeed the most feminine of pastry treats.

                 Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

You can eat a whole box without knowing it ....
It's designed to be delicate and sweet and perfect ...
It can be eaten daintily without smudging your lipstick...
It can be colored in the most perfect pastel hues and flavoured by the finest of flavours..

Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

Image from: This is glamorous Blog

What made me fall head over heels even more for this delicate and perfect pasty was the one iconic establishment that CREATED THE MACARON and continues to create them absolutely perfectly .. the one and only .........

               Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

That perfect shade of green that is Laduree and their most perfect paper packaging and styling. A girl cannot pass by without stopping.
I'll have to find the pictures I took of Laduree on my Paris trip and post them one day soon..
The rows of rich colorful glistening and gleaming pastries ... oh it makes my heart melt just thinking of the store..

                    Image: Unknown Google

This post is to also celebrate the rumored opening of a store in Sydney. I've been waiting with baited breath for the last 2 months. Today I enquired at the concierge stand of the shoppping centre where it is said to be opening AND the rumor was confirmed!
The opening date is yet to be determined...  I will be certain to post details here ... I cannot express how excited I am...

Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

Sweet Treats everyone  xo

Thursday, 12 July 2012

High tea and a dash of Red..

My busy weekend last week involved whipping up a high tea early saturday morning. All I can say is thank goodness for frozen pies and the local bakery! However a few things I did learn :

1. How to make sure your cucumber sandwiches don't turn out soggy.
2. Brie / camembert vol-au-vents with a dash of beautiful Red cranberry sauce is quite delicious.

All in all high tea is quite a gorgeous and girly affair. The perfect excuse to don a beautiful outfit, go vintage style maybe with a dash of Red be it dress, lipstick or shoes ...

This beautiful Red dress ... I so love the off the shoulder with bow details looks so lovely. I cannot track down the origin of the picture but I would love to see how the rest of the dress flows ... fitted ? A-line?

My Pinterest eye turned to dashes of Red last week .. here are a few more beautiful images of Red to brighten up your day..

I think this is from a Flikr user "Oscar & Rose"

From ZsaZsa Bellagio Blogspot

Oh these images of fabulous red shoes brings up memories from my childhood.  Movies we loved to watch, mum would be doing the ironing... the heater would be up full ball on a cold winters arvo and the fabulous sunday afternoon classics would be on the telly. Wizard of OZ ..... those wonderful clattering Red glitter shoes... and of course the movie itself "The Red Shoes" one every little ballerina would love to watch...

Ok I'm signing out, have a great end of the week & try to put a dash of red in your day xo