Sunday, 20 January 2013

Classic Vintage Style

I'ts been a long while since my last post and a lot has happened .. time is a ticking and things are a changing ... But classic things will never be out of style or fashion.

I'm very much a girl who LOVES vintage style. The classic pieces that will never got out of fashion.
I so so loved this spread in last OCT issue of Harpars Bizzre China. Perfect replication of elegant times past. Yin Chao was the photographer and Wang Hao the stylist.

Although practically it's not achievable ... sadly.
I wish I could push a pram chase after a toddler looking ever so classically dressed and lady like.
Even on 'work' days these outfits are really not practical where I work ....
I could not swan into a patient's hospital room in glamorous gear let alone survive a day in heels ..

But a girl can dream..

Love the Cat eye make up ...

Oh that full skirt .. the perfect length with the most elegant of heels!

I do not condone smoking .... but the dashes of red are perfect.

I'm lucky to have a Chanel store ever so close to my home, its just a make up outlet but I enjoy glancing in as I hurry past daily .....

The beautiful snow globes they had as part of the christmas display back in 2012 ... I wonder where they go after the season is over ....
Hope to catch you all soon

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