Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Grand Opening of Laduree Sydney 11th Sept 2012

Everyone who knows me knows of my Macaron obsession. My pursuit of the perfect macaron ever since my first taste of the Laduree macaron 7 years ago on a visit to Paris.
Sydney has had macarons but never any that could compare and I was not let down upon my first taste last tuesday 11/9/12. 

My obsession has lead to my literally resulted in me "stalking" the site and tracking its progress weekly. (Acutally twice weekly ;) - sad but true).
So I'm going to share with you the "Birth" of Laduree Sydney.

11th August - The site ? Level 3 Westfield Sydney. 
Hubby and I were guessing the possible "spots" circling level 3.

11th August the "Kitchen" site.

14th August signage goes up - I'm overjoyed the "rumors" are true and the site is confirmed!

I wont' bore you but here is a mash of images over the next couple of weeks.

30th of August - the Laduree sign goes up !! Its hand painted and absolutely fabulous. 
That Laduree green its like the "Tiffany blue" of the macaron / French pastry world - perfect branding.

There was not much to take of the Kitchenette area - just to say the day before opening (10th Sept) they were still frantically putting up the doors etc.

Hubby was taking me on a shopping escapade on the monday for my birthday. And the best part was finding out they were opening. There was action on all fronts. We managed to extract from the somewhat stressed I assume managers (very French) that they were opening the next day. In fact they were face to face conducting interviews only on the monday for staff!? 

The opening day 11th Sept 2012 - The man on the phone must have been one of the head patisserie managers. He was conducting the interviews. The man who ran all things on opening day.

My hubby and I invested ALOT of time there on the opening day to ensure we were one of the FIRST customers. This paid off as we were the FIRST TO BE SEATED at LADUREE SYDNEY!  We were well entertained for the hours we spent hovering. Watching how everyone was abuzz with excitement and nerves. A lot interest was gathering and people were hovering.        


Oh the wonderful little morsels them selves - Oh so wonderful!! 

A snapshot of the other products, chocolates, sweets, there are also jams, bags, teas, perfumes, books the list goes on and the bank balance can shrink dramatically!

A note the opening day saw all who purchased macaroon go home with the "collectors edition" boxes for all macarons of any amount. I realize now that you have to pay up to from $5.00 AUD for the collectors box if you do not purchase over a set number (I think is 8-10 macaoons).

I love the tea settings too the pink is perfect ! The bottom of my tea up still had the sticky label mark on it! Ha so so "fresh". I will return and try and get some better snaps with my SLR. All shots were done on my iphone which was running low on batteries from all my "snapping". 
Well I will stop my rambling now and end with the image below.

Flirty gorgeous and girly girls and boys must go.
Enjoy XO

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