Friday, 14 September 2012

A baptism, A birthday and Laduree launch

Well it certainly has been a wonderful week for me. Lots of activity going on in work and home.
Baptism a birthday and finally the long awaited opening of Laduree!

My little toddler was finally was baptised. She was gorgeous, she was in what she called her "big white dress" and it was her "big day". Well behaved she managed to hold her self quite well during the whole ceremony, I was a most impressed!

I had conferences to attend on the friday and saturday with a hectic mad work schedule I had to outsource a lot of the catering for the baptism on the sunday. Thank goodness of my super helpful parents, sister and her BF and my hubby we managed to still pull of some kind of a dessert table for the baptism celebration.

Simmone Lougue sweet tarts

Handmade marshmallow and chocolate cup mushrooms made by Moi!

Mak Mak Mini Macaroons - no Laduree as yet!

Berry baskets

Earlier in the week my birthday was fabulous we celebrated in style with Mum & dad baby sitting we hit the town shopping and found out Laduree was opening! My husband cheekily tells me it was all arranged by him ;). Luckily he had the launch day (Tues 11th Sept) off as well so we could hover for the opening. 

We were told they were to open at 9.30am so I dragged toddler and hubby out of bed to arrive at 9am that morning. They were not ready quoting 12pm so then we came back at 11.30am .. informed opening delayed till 1pm. We went back at 12.30 delayed to 2.30pm due to IT glitch. Crowds were gathering and we just hung around anxiously hoping to be one of the first to be served!

Finally the launch opening at around 2pm !! I was in heaven hubby and I were the FIRST ones to be seated in the cafe of Laduree Sydney !!

I will blog my Laduree opening day experience in more detail soon. I'm still on laduree clould 9!

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