Thursday, 12 July 2012

High tea and a dash of Red..

My busy weekend last week involved whipping up a high tea early saturday morning. All I can say is thank goodness for frozen pies and the local bakery! However a few things I did learn :

1. How to make sure your cucumber sandwiches don't turn out soggy.
2. Brie / camembert vol-au-vents with a dash of beautiful Red cranberry sauce is quite delicious.

All in all high tea is quite a gorgeous and girly affair. The perfect excuse to don a beautiful outfit, go vintage style maybe with a dash of Red be it dress, lipstick or shoes ...

This beautiful Red dress ... I so love the off the shoulder with bow details looks so lovely. I cannot track down the origin of the picture but I would love to see how the rest of the dress flows ... fitted ? A-line?

My Pinterest eye turned to dashes of Red last week .. here are a few more beautiful images of Red to brighten up your day..

I think this is from a Flikr user "Oscar & Rose"

From ZsaZsa Bellagio Blogspot

Oh these images of fabulous red shoes brings up memories from my childhood.  Movies we loved to watch, mum would be doing the ironing... the heater would be up full ball on a cold winters arvo and the fabulous sunday afternoon classics would be on the telly. Wizard of OZ ..... those wonderful clattering Red glitter shoes... and of course the movie itself "The Red Shoes" one every little ballerina would love to watch...

Ok I'm signing out, have a great end of the week & try to put a dash of red in your day xo

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