Monday, 23 July 2012

Macaron ~ Luxembourger ~ makaron ~

This post is dedicated to my 2nd love .. My first love being my hubby of course ;)

               Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

We met in Paris and I fell immediately after just the our first encounter ... and I'm sure every flirty gorgeous and girly girl would agree the Macaron is indeed the most feminine of pastry treats.

                 Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

You can eat a whole box without knowing it ....
It's designed to be delicate and sweet and perfect ...
It can be eaten daintily without smudging your lipstick...
It can be colored in the most perfect pastel hues and flavoured by the finest of flavours..

Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

Image from: This is glamorous Blog

What made me fall head over heels even more for this delicate and perfect pasty was the one iconic establishment that CREATED THE MACARON and continues to create them absolutely perfectly .. the one and only .........

               Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

That perfect shade of green that is Laduree and their most perfect paper packaging and styling. A girl cannot pass by without stopping.
I'll have to find the pictures I took of Laduree on my Paris trip and post them one day soon..
The rows of rich colorful glistening and gleaming pastries ... oh it makes my heart melt just thinking of the store..

                    Image: Unknown Google

This post is to also celebrate the rumored opening of a store in Sydney. I've been waiting with baited breath for the last 2 months. Today I enquired at the concierge stand of the shoppping centre where it is said to be opening AND the rumor was confirmed!
The opening date is yet to be determined...  I will be certain to post details here ... I cannot express how excited I am...

Image: Design-inspired : tumblr

Sweet Treats everyone  xo

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